Keeping Cool and Cozy with Alan Energy Services

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Keeping Cool and Cozy with Alan Energy Services

Morning Routine

As the first rays of sunlight peeked through the windows, I prepared for another exciting day at Alan Energy Services. After a quick breakfast, I hopped into my service van, ready to tackle whatever HVAC challenges lay ahead.

First Stop: Ductless HVAC Installation

My first appointment was a ductless HVAC installation in Elmhurst, IL. The homeowners had recently renovated their living space and wanted a efficient cooling and heating solution. I worked diligently to install the outdoor unit and indoor air handlers, ensuring proper airflow and temperature control throughout the home.

  1. Mounted the outdoor unit securely
  2. Ran the refrigerant lines through the exterior wall
  3. Installed the sleek indoor air handlers in each room
  4. Programmed the thermostat for optimal comfort

Lunch Break and Route Planning

After completing the ductless HVAC installation, I grabbed a quick lunch and planned my afternoon route. I had a few AC repair jobs lined up in Villa Park, Lombard, and Addison, IL.

Afternoon Rush: AC Repairs and Maintenance

The summer heat was in full swing, and my services were in high demand. I visited several residential and commercial properties, troubleshooting various AC issues:

  • Replaced a faulty compressor in Westchester
  • Cleaned clogged condenser coils in Oak Brook
  • Recharged refrigerant levels for a restaurant in Lombard

Throughout the day, I ensured that each customer’s HVAC system was running smoothly, providing reliable cooling and comfort.

Evening Wrap-Up

As the sun began to set, I wrapped up my last call – a routine furnace maintenance check in Addison. I thoroughly inspected the system, cleaned the components, and made necessary adjustments to ensure optimal performance for the upcoming winter season.

With a sense of accomplishment, I headed back to the office, grateful for another day of keeping the residents and businesses of our community cool and comfortable.