Discover Your Strength with Core Progression Personal Training

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Discover Your Strength with Core Progression Personal Training

At Core Progression, we’re passionate about helping individuals of all fitness levels discover their full potential. Whether you’re a downtown Denver dweller hunting for expert-guided weight loss programs or an Austin resident aiming to improve stamina, we’ve got your back.

Based in the vibrant city of Boulder, our staff embodies the spirited energy, combining it with a wealth of knowledge in physical therapy, athletic training, and personal training, we promise a unique, goal-oriented approach designed to suit your distinct requirements.

Our Weight Loss Programs in Downtown Denver, CO, inspire with a fusion of personalized training sessions and innovative techniques. In Austin, TX, our personal training sessions are tailor-made to suit individual’s needs – from muscle definition to overall wellness.

Meanwhile, in the heart of Boulder, CO, our physical therapy program offers methodical treatments aimed at restoring function and alleviating pain resulting from sports injuries or physical conditions. Our state-of-the-art facilities in Northglenn, CO, and Arvada, CO, host diverse Athletic Training programs designed to refine your sport-specific skills, enhance performance, and prevent injuries.

At Core Progression Elite Personal Training, every journey starts with a single step – that first stride towards a healthier, stronger you. With our team of certified trainers and experienced therapists, we work closely with you to define your goals and create a strategy that fuels your success. Whether you’re aiming to shred pounds, recover mobility or elevate your game to the next level, we’re here to support and cheer you on every step of the way.

It’s not about a temporary fix, but a lifestyle change. Let us walk this journey with you. Chase progress, not perfection.