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When your air conditioning unit breaks down, the obvious signs can easily be noticed, such as the odd smells from the unit. If the air doesn’t blow or it is not cool enough, you’ll notice. But you should also look for subtler signs of a problem such as higher energy charges or more air humidity for AC Vent Cleaning West Palm Beach.

We will ensure that your system is fixed and operating smoothly as soon as you notice any of the problems with West Palm Beach AC Repair & Installation air conditioning contractors.

We have all air conditioning systems and models, so feel free to make us your choice for air conditioning in Pompano Beach.

us your choice for air conditioning in Pompano Beach.

We repair and install air conditioning systems for residential, commercial, and industrial customers at AC Repair & Installation. Whether you need services for your office building or home, our qualified air conditioners ensure that your needs are met.

AC Vent Cleaning High Quality Service

We want to help you ensure a smooth and efficient operation of your air conditioner. If you turn to us for air conditioning repair services at AC Repair & Installation, you can expect quick response, high-quality repairs and customer support. Regardless of what dilemma we have, they must analyze the situation and decide the best option for all.

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Our Virginia air cleaning system is an extensive process that cleans your air duct using a push pull technique that is the only way of removing microorganisms completely. It has shown that the cleaning cycle must be carried out every two to three years to preserve a suitable indoor environment.

Our company ensures that no corner of your HVAC is left dirty after us and that the result is unparalleled to that of any other company on the market. What we do is not our work, it is our passion, so you can be sure of our technicians ‘ extraordinary performance.

Toxic Air

According to the EPAs, indoor air can be toxic more than air outside of buildings, and sometimes even more contaminated than air outside major developed towns. Where household contaminants such as phosphates are present in detergents emitted from the dish washing machines and fuel gases such as kerosene released from your oven.

Other pet dander pollen and smoke contaminants for example can also contribute to the buildup of dirt within a duct system which is then released into the air via your ventilation system.

When built in, it creates an ideal environment for the development of airborne organisms such as bacteria, molds and spores that contribute to your air quality. Making sure you have clean air ducts and a bacterial-free environment is our job so call AC Vent Cleaning West Palm Beach today for a free quotation.