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AC Repair and Installation FL is a company that has long been a reputation for skilled sales cleaning in Florida. We serve sites for residential, commercial and industrial use! We guarantee that hazardous and problem-stricken debris, lint and obstructions are removed from your dryer vent duct when you call for an obstructed vent. Our engineers remove all clogs and blockages from the dryer vent line not just entry and termination points.
All the dry vent clogs and blocks are evident by our engineers. Not just entry or termination points.

Lint is the prevalent and abundant type of waste that we remove, but it may surprise you to find out what other kinds of waste can be discovered. Our specialists are well trained in solving all issue kinds, such as:

• Socks
• Delicate fabrics & undergarments
• Dryer sheets
• Birds, rats, & other rodent nests & dwellings
• Construction debris from new home builds and/or remodeled areas.

But How Do I Know If The Vent Is Clogged?

• As part of our maintenance services, AC Repair and Installation FL provides the dryers lint screen, lint trap and cavity cleaning. This little move will save energy, improve the efficiency of your dryer, and minimize fire risks.
• It could be a blockage within the Dryer vent duct if you realize the dryer does not dry clothes and more than one cycle is necessary or if it is shut off while working. 
• We advise that before opening the obstacle, do not use the dryer. A blocked vent could pose an enormous risk of fire and could destroy a dryer.

It Saves A Lot Of Energy

• It may cost you more than you realize to dry your clothes. You could spend additional money on utilities for each cycle if your dryer loading system doesn’t work correctly or if it is blocked with surplus lint or debris.

• AC Repair and Installation FL are the experts in repairs, we clean and help you save $18 to $24 a month for the cleaning of your dryer sale duct.

• We clean the vent from inside and out of the house with our latest powerful truck-mounted devices. Make sure that there is no lint, waste or other material blocking behind, so that your duct will function best.

Professional dryer ventilation is the best way to avoid these problems. In order to guarantee a correct airflow, our dryer cleaning removes lint, debris and blocks. In addition to protecting you from risks like fire and carbon monoxide accumulation, our cleaning services offer many additional advantages, such as saving power, shortening drying cycle, less wear harm and more.

​Searching for an affordable dryer vent cleaning service in West Palm Beach and South Florida? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Our team has years of experience keeping dryer vents fire-proof and clog-free. We offer complete packages starting at only $49

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